Unghie di tendenza 2023: forme, colori e nail art di moda

Trendy nails 2023: shapes, colors and fashionable nail art

Nail trends 2023 let's discover them together

2023 is a year of strong excitement for nails, which sees contrasting trends to create elegant yet stand-out looks.

We move from the discovery of opaque and dusty nails, available in different bold colors and completely abandoning milky and neutral shades, to bright ones with a glossy effect, choosing tones such as black and white to create incredible contrasts.

The aim is to create special effects, starting from traditional techniques such as franch and completely distorting it, choosing glitter or bright burgundy for the edge..

There are many celebrities who already show original ideas, such as holographic decorations and geometric and floral motifs in tattoo style, to make their hands different from all the others and also embellish a simple and linear look.

So let's see what the must haves are for next season and how not to be caught unprepared for the next social event.

New Trendy Colors

The strong effect of black

If black was once associated only with dark and gloomy trends, today it is a symbol of elegance and refinement in women's manicure.

Non a casa is used by influencers like Chiara Ferragni, who clearly cannot be satisfied with its traditional variant and chooses to combine it with optical white, creating a current black and white effect .

This can be repeated either by alternating the fingers between black and white, or by making one hand of one type and the other the opposite, thus playing on the alternations of style.

We are talking about a manicure that goes well both with strong looks that follow the mood, and with a simpler style that needs an extra edge.

Marc and burgundy instead of the classic red

If it is true that the red lacquer never goes out of fashion, for this year it was decided to replace it with a strong tone like that of the very dark, which leaves no room for half measures in terms of character and refinement.

For a sober look, you can opt for a flat and compact tone on all the nails, for a more extravagant effect, however, you can keep the base neutral and create a burgundy edge, or combine it with black in a gothic-style decoration.

The finish can be matte and dusty, as is fashionable this season, but also shimmer and even adorned with tone-on glitter tone, or chosen between gold and silver based on your undertone and the color scheme criteria.

Dark gray instead of black

If you have been painting your nails black for years now and want to opt for a color with the same strong but different value, this season's fashion comes to you with a smoky gray with an almost British for style.

It is an intense and brighter color than you might think, which can be combined with black or white to make it more lively.

We are talking about a tone that works well in its glossy version and in its matte version, therefore it lends itself to the creation of different manicures to always have new hands.

The intense pink

If 2023 has decided to eliminate too dull colors in favor of bold tones, this does not mean that an elegant touch of pink is not present.

The accepted variant is that of very cold baby pink, which enhances the tones of next winter by adding a touch of sweetness and lightheartedness to the manicure.

It lends itself to being used for a French that is different from the usual but not too aggressive, with the milkie base , the shade of white expected for next season.

Chocolate brown with frosted effect

Who said that nails can't appear as voluptuous desserts to be eaten with the eyes?

The current fashion loves intense and warm brown, which goes well with women who belong to the spring and autumn seasons.

To give a touch of particularity, a shiny mirror finish was chosen, which almost recalls a glazed donut.

Brown is also expressed in the reddish tone of Molteon Lava, which recalls autumn leaves and the colors of the forest in October.

The rotten green

If you're already turning up your nose at imagining this tone on your nails, wait until you see the glamorous effect it can give to the look.

It is a tone that recalls wild and primitive atmospheres, which goes well with natural accessories such as wooden glasses and lends itself both to autumn and to a refined and less noisy spring.

Nail art to be done in 2023

After having ascertained what the colors are for next season, let's see what finish we can give to the nails to best enhance them.

Matte nails

As mentioned, next 2023 leaves ample space for matte nails, which give an allure of elegance and refinement that is different from the usual.

This does not mean creating a flat composition, since they are often combined on the web with bright inserts in glitter for the upper edge, or decorations and details that even imitate the lace and the python, so as to leave everyone speechless.

The advice is to remain tone on tone, in order to dare with the imagination while still maintaining style.

Iridescent nails

The new trend for 2023 requires nails not only to be iridescent if you attend a party or a social event, but they can also be worn in this way in everyday life.

The effect is given by the glitter present in the colour, which revives autumnal colors such as brown and burgundy and makes winter ones more intense, such as royal blue, which goes well with the inspired pure white to the snow.

For spring there is no shortage of multicolor manicures, inspired by the vitamin tones of tropical fruit, enriched by a bright and luminous finish.

Minimal nails

Minimal does not mean boring, so next season's nails are characterized by small stylized motifs capable of speaking about the personality of those who wear them.

So think of a black and white with small contrasting lightning bolts, or a light geometric pattern that can give an original touch without being excessive.

Pointed nails

Compared to the past, the trend of square or round nails is forgotten in favor of pointed nails with a slightly aggressive flavor.

The mood is squared, with the French that follows this line and becomes geometric.

To maintain this mood it is advisable to have healthy and strong nails, all of the same length, opting for a gel covering or for a semi-permanent which makes their surface harder.

Rainbow effect nails

To celebrate the arrival of spring, rainbow nails are the winning solution for a cheerful and joyful manicure.

We opt for a mix of pastel colours, which are applied with an abstract effect to create a sort of delicate watercolour.

Alternatively, it is possible to color each one in a different color, or opt for different shades of the same tone.

Trendy Nails 2023: new techniques for Manicure

The modern manicure benefits from several innovations that have been introduced over time, such as that of the Dip Powder Manicure.

It involves using nail polishes to create a strong base and powders to create colour, but without the need to use a UV lamp as happens with gel or semi-permanent.

We are therefore talking about a very simple method, which can also be applied by those who are simple amateurs and non-professionals to obtain a top result.

The advantages of the Dip Powder Manicure are in fact:

  1. Air dries
  2. Quick to apply, just 15 minutes
  3. It doesn't smudge because the powder doesn't stick to the skin
  4. Hard and resistant nails, they do not scratch or break
  5. Duration of 4 weeks.

For lovers of DIY manicures or simply for those who don't have time or want to save on manicures, you can buy Dip powder kits online, including everything like the Kit Essential by Torrid Nails.

Using this technique it is not possible to lengthen them or change the shape, so it can only be implemented if you have nails of the right length and you do not need a complete reconstruction, which is instead performed with the help of tips and of the gel.

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