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Nail Art

Ombré nails: how to do them with powder nail polish

Hands are an important business card, as we know. But it's not always easy, in this hectic life, to have an impeccable manicure. And often, even when you find the time to take care of your nails, t...
Dip Powder Kit
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What are the best Dip Powder Kits on the market?

If you always love having an impeccable manicure, you will certainly have heard of Dip Powder Kits. The Dip Powder manicure, or powder nail polish, is a completely innovative technique, which, like...
Dip powder manicure
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How to do Dip powder manicure

All nail art lovers or nail experts must keep in mind two revolutionary words: manicure dip powder. It is a completely innovative procedure for the treatment of nails, which can be carried out by e...
Dipping System
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Dipping system: pros and cons

Having impeccable hands is an excellent business card when presenting yourself in informal but above all formal situations. To always have well-groomed nails without having to think about it every ...
nail art con polvere acrilica
Nail Art

Nail Art with acrylic powder: here's how to do it

For a perfect long-lasting manicure, the arrival of the innovative acrylic powder nail polish or Dip Powder is a dream come true. Technique designed to show off perfect nails for up to 4 weeks aft...
Smalto in polvere Dip Powder
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Dip Powder nail polish: what it is, how it works and how long it lasts

If 2021 was the year of supersonic hairdryers, 2022 is destined to be the year of Nail Polish also known as Dip Powder. If you are a cosmetics and manicure enthusiast, you absolutely must not miss ...