Armocromia unghie Torrid Nails
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Armochromia nails: choose nail polishes in line with your palette

Armocromia nails: why it is important to follow it In recent months the concept of armocromia has spread in an unexpected way, involving all areas linked to the aesthetic sphere, from clothes to ma...
unghie per natale
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Nails for Christmas 2022: colors, designs and creative suggestions

The preparations for the holidays have begun: you have purchased the garlands to attach to the shelves and thought about the outfit for the Holy Night. But what will your nails look like for Christ...
kit semipermanente senza lampada
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Semi-permanent kit without lamp: all in one for COOL nails

Semi-permanent kit without lamp, all in one sets to do professional nails yourself at home easily and in a short time
french manicure dip
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Dip powder French Manicure: how to make it step by step

Ah the dip powder French manicure. Have you also heard of this manicure technique lately? Beauticians assure you: the results of a manicure done with acrylic powder nail polish are stunning. But wh...
unghie per halloween 2022
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Nails for Halloween 2022: tricks and tips for amazing nails!

Nails for Halloween, find some original ideas for a killer manicure to show off on the scariest night of the year
smalto a lunga durata senza lampada
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Long-lasting nail polishes without lamps: 5 important things to know

What are long-lasting nail polishes without the need for a lamp? Have you ever wondered what the main characteristics of nail polishes that don't need UV/LED are?
smalti estate 2022
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Summer 2022 nail polishes: 9 amazing manicures

Beach days and barbecues are finally on the horizon and it's time to update your nail polish. This summer 2022 is the season of the boldest colors and patterns. Do you want to amaze your friends an...
Unghie Baby Boomer
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Baby Boomer Nails: how to do them with Dip Powder

Among the most popular nail art in recent times there is undoubtedly the Baby Boomer: with unique elegance and undeniable versatility, this type of nail art is simple and perfect for any type of lo...
Unghie Ombré
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Ombré nails: how to do them with powder nail polish

Hands are an important business card, as we know. But it's not always easy, in this hectic life, to have an impeccable manicure. And often, even when you find the time to take care of your nails, t...