Dipping System

Dipping system: pros and cons

Having impeccable hands is an excellent business card when presenting yourself in informal but above all formal situations.

To always have well-groomed nails without having to think about it every day or finding your nail polish ruined at the most inopportune moments, the suggestion is to opt for an innovative technique such as the dipping system.

It is an approach that is halfway between gel and total reconstruction, so as to obtain nails as strong as marble, which can be colored and decorated according to personal taste, season and fashion of the moment.

Those who have had the opportunity to try this method speak of a revolutionary technique that can be performed both at an authorized beauty center and directly at home, following one of the numerous tutorials found on the Internet after it became widespread the fashion of the dipping system.

So let's see how this extremely long-lasting technique is achieved and what is the procedure to perform it best and make it last a long time without requiring touch-ups.

What does the Dipping System consist of

Also defined by many as dietary acrylic, the dipping system is configured as a middle ground between a manicure performed to perfection and the use of gel, a technique partly superseded by these more modern and subtle solutions .

The substances used are different from the past, since it is not a dense paste like gel, but a pigmented powder that does not fix with a lamp and is much simpler to apply.

You can opt for the color you prefer and apply just one layer of product, carrying out the entire process in a much shorter time and also with a practical DIY method.

The suggestion is to get the entire kit so you can have flawless hands without having to go to the beautician every week.

Let's now analyze how to complete this simple procedure and use the powder on hands and feet for a perfect result.

How to do the Dipping System technique directly at home with your own hands

The first step to take if you want to have nails in perfect order without resorting to gel is to obtain all the materials.

We are talking specifically about a base coat that protects the surface of the nail during treatment, transparent and easy to apply.

There are solutions on the market that dry quickly without the need to use an infrared lamp, so that the treatment can be carried out with the least possible trauma to the nails and above all be carried out quickly.

It is essential to purchase a good powder for dipping, which can last over time and guarantee a smooth and homogeneous result.

This can be selected in various fashionable colors, so as to eliminate the double passage of the gel and the colored nail polish to be cooked with the lamp.

Finally, a good covering top that is always transparent cannot be missing, which allows the manicure to last several weeks based on the speed of regrowth without the nail polish chipping or the nail breaking, becoming as hard as marble.

Furthermore, get some basic tools to carry out correct preparation, such as a file to smooth the surface and create the desired shape, or special scissors to remove hangnails or push cuticles back.

After having applied the base, then dip the nail into the preparatory powder, making sure that it is covered with product but eliminating the excess to avoid creating excessive thickness.

Subsequently, a further layer of coat is applied and the process is repeated with the colored powder, before finally applying the final covering layer.

Once the nail has dried, look at it from all angles and check that it is not excessively domed or uneven.

In this case you can remedy this with a buffer file, so as to eliminate the imperfections and then add a further layer of sealant so that the result is shiny and perfectly uniform.

On the main web portals you can buy the complete kit and learn how to apply this technique, so as to obtain a series of advantages compared to normal gel or semi-permanent which we will later list in detail.

Dipping System

What are the advantages of the dipping system 

The dipping system has been considered by many to be a revolutionary technique, which brings a series of useful advantages to those who choose to use it, reducing time and costs:

No UV lamp

One of the absolute main advantages of powder nail polish is that although it is resistant like a gel and can last 3-4 weeks, it does not need a UV lamp to dry, but dries in 2-3 minutes simply outside.

No Smudges

Do you know how much nail polish inadvertently ends up on the cuticles or the edge of the nail, creating an unsightly messy effect?

Using the dipping system this does not happen, since the dust can be easily removed from the edges and only needs the activator to fix properly.

Greater nail resistance

Using the dipping system it is possible to obtain nails as hard as marble and resistant for 3-4 weeks.

Unlike gel, however, which only strengthens the surface but leaves the actual nail weak and thin when removed, this treatment does not involve filing its surface except to make the first layer more homogeneous, so if you decide to go back to a traditional manicure you will find yourself with healthy nails that are not deeply damaged.

Even if you have a job where your hands are always active, this treatment allows you to feel at ease, since even if the nails are long they better resist impacts and stress, thus ensuring an impeccable result.

Quick treatment to be performed even at home

If at least 60 minutes were needed by a professional in the sector to carry out a coverage or reconstruction with gel, to create a perfect dipping system the times are significantly reduced based on the competence of the person and the manual skills acquired during the course time.

It is in fact not necessary for the product to be cooked inside the infrared lamp and above all the drying of the coat and fixative takes just a few seconds, also depending on the type of product chosen.

Quick removal

After the expected 3-4 weeks, it will be possible to change the color of the nail polish by removing the colored powder to apply a new layer.

To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to file the layer that has been created with a cutter or a special tool, being careful not to get directly to the nail to avoid trauma from occurring.

The excess is then removed by immersing a plastic bag in hot water with the solvent inside and then immersing the finger in the solvent for a couple of minutes.

After this time you will notice that the nail is ready to perform the dipping manicure again, changing the color of the powder based on the season and preferences.

Greater respect for nail health

In addition to avoiding exposure to the rays inside the lamp, the colored powder tends to suffocate the nail much less than the gel, which creates a compact layer that sometimes prevents the surface from breathing.

In this way, at least in part, the formation of fungi and mycosis is avoided, which can develop if a space forms underneath the gel into which humidity tends to penetrate.

Low costs and maximum quality

Compared to a partial or total reconstruction of the nail, the costs of the treatment are decidedly low, especially if you decide to do it yourself.

The materials used are fewer and above all they have a lower price, despite using the best brands in the sector in this sense.

Furthermore, the kit does not include the use of lamps which are usually the most expensive tool, therefore the initial amount to invest to be able to carry out dipping at home is already less expensive.

Do-it-yourself option by purchasing one of the kits on the web

The dipping system does not require the use of particularly expensive and professional equipment, as happens instead for the gel which requires infrared lamps and numerous materials.

In this case it will be necessary to obtain only a covering coat, a nail polish for the final finish, a preparatory powder and a colored powder to perform the actual manicure.

The suggestion is to opt for certified brands such as Torrid Nails and quality substances, which can guarantee greater durability and do not harm the 'nail over time.

Furthermore, the procedure is not excessively cumbersome and therefore can be performed at home within 30 minutes, without the need to follow specific courses but relying exclusively on the tutorials on the web which explain the procedure step by step.

By doing it yourself you will be able to save time and money, since it will not be necessary to go to the beautician every week for touch-ups.


Are there any disadvantages to using the dipping system?

Although the dipping system is very advantageous, it also has some disadvantages which we will list below.

Numerous products

To be able to perform the manicure correctly you need at least 3 liquids and two powders so, if even one of these elements runs out, you are no longer able to perform the manicure and you will have to buy it again before proceeding with a new manicure.

Delicate Liquids

The liquids used for the dipping system manicure are very delicate and must be treated with care. Care must be taken not to contaminate them and to close them as soon as they are used, in fact, precisely because of their ability to dry quickly when applied, they also have the ability to dry quickly if left open.

Using powder

Although many tutorials show a girl dipping her finger into the powder nail polish package, it is better practice to sprinkle the nail with the powder and collect the excess and then pour it into the jar.

Before doing this operation, remember to place your hand on a container designed to collect excess dust so as not to lose it. Never use the surface of the furniture because the dust could stain it.

To conclude

We have listed both the pros and cons of the Dipping System in our article and now you are able to decide if this is the type of nail polish that is right for you.

In general, the side effects experienced by customers are few compared to the benefits, therefore if you want to always have tidy hands this is the best solution from a quality-price ratio point of view.

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